Once an ally of the Palestinian struggle for peace and justice, founder of the Parliamentary Friends for Palestine, and previously self described as “a strong advocate of justice for Palestinians”.

The Labor party platform in 2021 called for the recognition of the Palestinian state. Once elected, and under the leadership of Alabanese, they have failed to follow through on this promise.

During the Gaza genocide, Albanese and his goverment initially rejected a UN call for a ceasefire. After much public pressure, 6000+ murdered children, and 66 days later, his Governmemt finally voted in favour of a ceasefire.

Unfortunately, they have failed to apply the appropriate political pressure on Israel to adhere to international law and the will of the international community. They have not condemned Israel, summoned their ambassodor or made any reference to sanctions. Furthermore, they have provided no transparency on Australian military exports to Israel.

Shame on you Albanese. Once an ally, but a Zionist sell-out when in power.


Senator Pauline Hanson is consistent, consistently racist. Throughout her entire career she has advocated for division within the community based on race and colour. She has undertaken many "stunts" during her political career to dehumanise people of colour and those observant of the muslim faith including wearing a burqa to a senate sitting in 2017.

During the current genocide of the Palestinian people, she has actively supported Israel and effectively called for pro-Palestine demonstrations to be banned.


One of the biggest Israeli cheerleaders in Australian politics, Peter Dutton has doubled down on his long standing position to dehumanise Palestinians and blindly support Israel. Since the genocide commenced he has focused on attending Israeli fundraising events and functions rather than raising any concern or showing any empathy to the Palestinian people.

All that being said, this fits the mould of the Liberal party perfectly which has a long standing history of giving Israel cover for it's crimes.


Cementing the preconceptions surrounding politicians, Anne Aly has been (poorly) playing both sides.

Whiles she's called for a ceasefire, and has previously accused Israel of war crimes. Anne has recently refused and failed to address legitimate and tough questions from the community and her constituents, only to back it up with shaking her head, and rolling her eyes at pro-Palestine supporters who demonstrated at parliament.

Anne traveled to Israel and speaks fondly of her trip. On the other hand, while she has traveled to occupied Palestinian territories, there are no well publicised comments on her trip.

The cherry on top, Anne sadly has used her fathers legacy fighting against Israel in 1967 to provide cover for her lack of any meaningful action on Palestine.

Is Anne a lost cause? or is there still hope with her?

Fun fact - Did you know that Australian politicians visit Israel more than any other country. Between 2010 and 2022, visits to Israel were firmly at the top of the list, with 127 visits, and in 2nd place, the United States with 64. Make your own judgements on what this means but it seems very odd to us....


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