In the light of a brutal genocide perpetrated by Israel, Australia’s politicians have shown their true colours.

Our mission is to hold accountable politicians who have supported the ongoing genocide, apartheid, and occupation against the Palestinian people.

Our politicians are hoping that by the next election cycle, the voting public will forget about their complicity.

We will not forget!

As we approach the next election, we will provide our views on the candidates that best represent the Palestinian cause. We will also name and shame those who decide to stand on the wrong side of history.

By registering your details, we will keep you updated on the political stance of your member of parliament in relation to Palestine.

Together we will mobilise to elect the right people to represent us. Together, we have the voting power to make real change.


We won't provide your personal details to any third party. We may use data on number of registrations per electorate to assist in advocacy efforts.

We are a grassroots campaign, and are in no way associated or affiliated with any political parties.