Mehreen Faruqi, a Senator and Deputy leader of the Greens party has been an outspoken advocate for the Palestinian people.

Well before the Labor Government called for a ceasefire, she advocated for an immediate ceasefire and staged a walkout of the Senate in protest of the inaction of the Government. She labelled the Labor government as "gutless, heartless, cowards". Prior to walking out, she stated "Today, we bring the people's protest into parliament, free, free Palestine."

Senator Faruqi has continued to speak out for Palestine, and has shown great integrity by speaking about the will of the people and not those of other interests.


The Nationals member for Parkes, the Hon Mark Coulton MP is one of the few Australian politicians who has witnessed the Israeli apartheid machine first hand, having visited the occupied West Bank.

A co-convener of the Parliamentary Friends of Palestine, Coulton has given a voice to the Palestinian people and their plight within the Australian political landscape. Coulton has stood alone during the Gaza genocide, going against the Coalition (Liberal and Nationals) party line which has been to unconditionally cheerlead Israeli war machine.

Coulton stated "Israel's attacks on innocent civilians in Gaza are in breach of international humanitarian law".


Labor Senator, Fatima Payman has spoken about the right to peace for the Palestinian and Israeli people. She has spoken up about the military occupation, stating; "We should not accept that Palestinian families in the West Bank live under military occupation or that children are prosecuted in military courts without fundamental trial rights and protection."

On October 17, well before the Labor party position changed, she called for an immediate ceasefire in the unfolding Gaza genocide. An excerpt from her speech below shows her strong position, calling for Israel to be rightfully condemned, even if at odds with her party's official policy;

"The killing of innocent civilians in Israel should be condemned and we condemn it. The killing of innocent civilians in Palestine should also be condemned. We must condemn it.

Israeli missile strike residential dwellings, civilians, multi-story apartments, health facilities as well as places of worship, indiscriminately killing men, women and children. We must condemn it.

The price tag of Israel’s right to defend itself cannot be the destruction of Palestine. Israel’s right to defend its civilians cannot equate the annihilation of Palestinian civilians."

Senator Payman must be applauded for maintaining her integrity, and holding the line on a strong and moral position.


Senator Shoebridge is a warrior, a peace warrior. He has advocated for Palestinian rights and has been fearless in his efforts to provide the Australian public with information on the weapons, munitions and support Australia has provided Israel to conduct its genocide.

Recently tweeting"The Albanese Government has approved over 50 military export permits to Israel this year alone. We should not be fueling war crimes. We should not be fueling a global arms race."

The Labor and Liberal parties for decades have attempted to hide their support to Israel via one of the most secretive military export systems in the world.

Senator Shoebridge gets it, supporting genocide in the shadows whilst pretending and lying to the public is not on.


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